Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a building permit for this project?

Practically all development projects require a development and/or building permit. There are very few exceptions. It is therefore imperative to check with the Planning Department in all cases to determine whether a permit is required. Only the staff of the Planning Department can provide the correct information as each case is different and the regulations may vary depending on the location. Do not trust anyone else's opinion in this matter.

Any project that is undertaken without a permit constitutes an offence under the Community Planning Act and is subject to legal procedures and penalties including demolition and/or fines. In addition, no electrical permit can be issued by the Department of Labor unless a copy of the development and/or building permit is presented.

While an owner may authorize another person, such as a contractor, to apply for and obtain a building permit in his name, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that a permit has been issued before any work is undertaken. This permit must be displayed prominently on the property for the duration of the construction period.

I bought an existing building. Do I need a permit to install it on my property?

The relocation of an existing building, whether it is a house, a mini home, a mobile home, a garage, a shed or any other type of building, is a development and requires the issuance of a permit to ensure that the project meets the existing zoning standards in relation to its size and height, the number of buildings on the same lot and setbacks from the street, the property lines, a watercourse, wetland, etc.

Which documents must I submit to the building inspector to obtain a building permit?


If you are building within an area of a municipality, please click on the following link.

If you are building within an area of a municipality not serviced by a public water and sewer system, click on the following link.

Unincorporated areas

If you are building within a LSD area, please click on the following link.

If you are building within a LSD area not serviced by a public water and sewer system, please click on the following link.

How long does it take to issue a building permit?

It all depends on the complexity of the project. In the case of an accessory building (shed, garage, fence), the building permit can be issued the same day. In the case of a house or a more complex building, the inspector must review plans before issuing a permit, this can take a few days. In some cases, a proposed development may require permits or certificates issued by other government agencies which can take several days, if not weeks. It is therefore recommended to apply as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience that could delay the start of your construction.

How much do various planning services cost?

Services rendered in respect to the application of the Community Planning Act are subject to fees which are subsequently returned to the municipalities and unincorporated areas. The current rates are provided in the following schedule.

Can I appeal a decision of the Planning Department relating to a development or subdivision project?

Subject to the Community Planning Act any person who is denied a building permit or a proposed subdivision plan may appeal to the Assessment and Planning Appeal Board for a review. The same right is granted to anyone who wishes to object to the fact that the Planning Department has approved a development or a subdivision on another person's property. For information regarding the grounds and the time limit for an appeal, you should consult the Community Planning Act and the Assessment and Planning Appeal Board Act, as well as the regulations arising therefrom. You can contact the Assessment and Planning Appeal Board at 435 King Street, P.O. Box 6000, Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1, Telephone (506) 453-2126, Fax (506) 444-4881. email: