Refundable containers

In New Brunswick, all beverage containers have a deposit, except for milk containers. This means that at the purchase of the beverage, a deposit must be paid, part of which will be refunded upon the return of the container to a redemption center. In the Chaleur region, you can return your refundables at the following locations


  • AIM Recycling Bathurst Ltd., 280, Industrial Avenue, 545.7141
  • Bottle Exchange Center, 560, Evangeline Drive, 548.4018


  • Recyclage Beresford Recycling (2012), Industrial Park, 542.1919


  • Recyclage Chaleur, 571, de l’Industrie Street, 783.7244

For those who do not want to bring back their refundable containers to a redemption center, you can also put them in your blue bin, except for glass containers. Indeed, the Chaleur Regional Service Commission does not accept glass in the blue bins. If you have questions or comments, you can write to or phone to 725.2402 (888.820.5133).