Job Offer - Security Guard / Janitor


  • Ensure the security of the site by regularly conducting surveillance rounds in designated areas.
  • Control access to the site for authorized individuals during closing hours.
  • Responsible for promptly reporting any malfunctions, serious anomalies, or safety hazards to the management or designated person according to established policies.
  • Prepare a daily report of surveillance activities.
  • Monitor the operation of running equipment during surveillance rounds and report any malfunctions.
  • Maintain the general cleanliness of the main building, which includes the administrative area, all offices, the conference room, entrances, stairs, dining room, bathrooms, shower and laundry facilities, the laboratory, and any other rooms located therein.


  • Sweep and mop floors, empty trash bins, vacuum, do the dishes, clean tables and chairs, cabinets and household appliances, mirrors, toilet bowls and urinals, showers, and other areas as requested.
  • Wash and dry work clothes.
  • Restock dispensers and perform minor repairs and maintenance tasks.
  • Occasionally ensure fuel supply and the proper functioning of pumps and other operating equipment during their shift.
  • Carry out snow removal work to ensure the safety of the premises.
  • Participate in training and courses, as required by the employer, and keep them up to date.
  • Responsible for working with and understanding safety procedures when handling a piece of equipment or a chemical product.
  • Follow the specific guidelines set by WorkSafe NB for employees working alone.
  • These functions are only the main tasks of the job; other responsibilities may be added to ensure the smooth operation of the organization.


  • All the materials and equipment necessary for completing the job. Must be able to drive a van.
  • Wear a device for employees working alone, at all times.


  • Must work alone. May be required to handle heavy and dirty objects. May be exposed to and/or in contact with dirty and chemical products, as well as toxic gases.


  • The Administrative Manager

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Good luck to all applicants!