Word from the Chairperson


It is my great pleasure, on behalf of the members of the Chaleur Regional Service Commission but also on my own behalf, to present our graphic signature (logo) on our brand new Website. Our graphic image was designed in consultation with our members, representing our citizens, and therefore aims to be the rallying point of our team and our community.

The Chaleur Bay (name given July 9, 1534 by Jacques Cartier), located in the heart of municipalities and localities of our beautiful region, is represented by two blue waves in the shape of a “C”. The two waves, intimately linked to one another, also represents the linguistic and cultural duality of the community. The little green leaf on top of the two waves represents the green forests of the region, but also the environmental services offered by the Chaleur Regional Service Commission. Indeed, that graphic element emphasizes the focus on the development of services protecting the life quality of our citizens, contributing to the sustainable development of the whole region.

Our Website aims to be a window open on our organization and activities! We hope it demonstrates the professionalism of our employees and the transparency and accessibility of the Chaleur Regional Service Commission, a citizen-oriented organization. It is the needs and expectations of our citizens that dictate the development of the Chaleur Regional Service Commission!