Joint Press Conference

BATHURST, NB – The Chaleur Regional Service Commission is partnering with the Acadian Peninsula Regional Service Commission to request the construction of a new bypass linking the Acadian Peninsula Region to the Chaleur Region.

Both Regional Service Commissions voted unanimously on a motion to prioritize the construction of a new bypass linking the current bypass in Bertrand to the Janeville region.

The two Commissions have chosen to join forces with regards to this issue as the benefits of such a project would mutually benefit both regions. The Acadian Peninsula is the only region in New Brunswick where, for local businesses, land route is the only alternative for shipping goods, not having access to rail, sea or air. The new stretch would promote the development of an efficient transportation system, thereby contributing to improving the competitiveness of our industries in the North American market, as well as supporting existing transport infrastructure in the Chaleur region.

This new bypass would play a key role in terms of socio-economic development by first improving access to more specialized health care services provided by the Chaleur Regional Hospital in Bathurst (especially during winter conditions) and facilitate travel for students accessing the various training programs offered by respective post-secondary institutions.

Over the last year, both commissions have been making considerable efforts with the provincial government to ensure that the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure undertakes in the fall of 2017, the necessary analysis and preliminary studies to ensure the construction within a reasonable delay. However, this request was not considered as the province chose to postpone the needs analysis exercise until spring of 2018.

It should be noted that the elected officials of the two respective regions are in the best position to identify the infrastructure needs for the economic and social development of its territory. Hence, the representatives of both Regional Service Commissions reiterate their request to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure to proceed with the analysis and preliminary studies starting this fall.